Book a surprise proposal in the most amazing country in the world!

It’s one of the most wonderful and unique moments of your life, and the best way to relive it is with gorgeous candid photographs!

Plan the perfect proposal

It’s not easy to plan any kind of travel activity, and proposing in a city you’re not yet familiar with is even harder. Leave this to our Proposal Photographers and just worry about what are you going to say on the big day!

How it works

1) One of our Proposal Concierge will guide you through all the hoops and details you need to be aware on the big day. The best locations, the best time… our team just knows the sweet spot for an unforgettable proposal!

2) After deciding on the location, your assigned photographer will scout the place in search of the exact spot you will need to go. Expect a detailed map and some mock up photos or videos so you don’t have to guess anything on the day.

3) Your photographer will be on the designed place waiting for you, just casually chilling around the place so no one suspects anything :) When it’s time, your photographer will shoot the big moment and some beautiful engagement photos after you hear the “yes”!

4) After you shoot, you will receive a beautiful gallery with your photos. Like this. Or even like this!

What’s Included

  • A comprehensive step-by-step from both concierge and photographer so you’re 100% prepared on the day!

  • Detailed maps and mock up photos so you can preview how everything will happen

  • Expertise knowledge that guarantee you will get the expected results

  • 60 gorgeous photos fully curated and edited by our photographers

What’s next? Maybe some pre wedding photos, or even a great (last) night out before the big day? Take a look at some of our other options

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