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Street portrait photography is the ideal excuse to pay attention to that unique interaction of human vs environment. Letting people freely explore themselves and their lives, and be a part of that simply by photographing the right moment. I'm passionate about mixing real stories and creativity.

I want you to experience these stories with the same visual magic I'm lucky to testify every day in here.

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I fell in love with photography watching how I could turn a happy moment into a memory that would last forever. I love taking photos of families, couples and kids for that very same reason. 

One of the things I believe most is that the photographer must get to know the people to truly understand what they are feeling while traveling. I enjoy talking about the lives and experiences of everyone I meet, and truly believe that a smile and a good laugh can change a day.

I´ll make sure you have a nice day exploring Tokyo and will turn that experience into great memories! 



I started taking photos with my first DSRL camera a few years ago when I came to Japan to study. The question I usually ask myself is: if one day I'm no longer living in Japan, what is the thing I will remember most?

For this reason, photography really means a lot to me by keeping the new experiences, unique memories, the people I meet, the places I come… into lovely pictures.

If you wanna hear the voice of Tokyo, let me help you fulfill your travel experiences and save every beautiful and memorable moments of it.



Hi! I'm Ivan, and I love to frame and shoot people.

Currently living in the sushi capital of the world, I started out by doing cosplay shoots, and now I usually do fashion shoots along the streets of Tokyo / Yokohama, or at places I’m fortunate enough to travel to.

I love portrait photography. My mission is to provide cool photos of your travel for your instagram/facebook feed.



I'm Lisa, and I'm an Australian living in Tokyo!

My photographic style is natural, playful and candid, and my aim is to capture your individual beauty in a way that reflects who you are in moments when you least expect it.

To me, the most meaningful photos are those that show your true essence.

I can't wait to experience Tokyo with you, and leave you with some photographic memories of your day!