will you share my photos online?

We respect your privacy, so we will share your photos only if you authorize us to do so. When you book a package with us, the photographer will confirm with you if you want your pictures online or not, so don't worry.

can i cancel? can i reschedule?

Of course. Just let us know with at least 48 hours in advance, and we'll cancel the shoot free of charge. If you cancel in less than 48 hours, we will charge 40% of the package price.

i'm late!what should I do?

Text or call your photographer immediately. Please note that if the photographer has another shoot scheduled on the same day, he might not be able to extend the shoot to accommodate your lost of time.

can i pay in advance?

At the moment you can only pay directly to your photographer on the shooting day. We'll add online payment soon.

we're in japan. shouldn't your charge me in japanese yen?

We price our packages in USD because the majority of our clients come from abroad. But you can also pay with the local currency. The photographer will confirm your payment method when sorting the details of the shoot.

what happens if it rains or snows?

The shoot will run as scheduled. Don't worry, rain and snow looks great on photographs!

what about earthquakes, floods, tropical storms...

Of course, whenever any kind of chaos ensues, you can cancel the shoot free of cost.

when do i receive my photos?

You'll receive all your photos after 48 hours of the shooting day. We deliver the photos in digital format.

do i own my photos?

You're free to share, print, show and use the photographs as you wish. But you cannot alter them, and you cannot sell them. We retain the copyrights.

i know how to photoshop. can you send the raw files to me?

Our work comprises not only of being able to frame and light the photographs on the day, but as well as taking the time to carefully select the best pictures and do the necessary color correction and editing for you. We will never deliver an incomplete job.

can i choose the photos?

We will carefully select the best pictures for you, so you don't have to worry about that.